The Big Move

>Sorry to those of you that are totally bored with my blog. I promise to post pictures after I get settled into my new house. Believe me, I have had some superspecial times these past few months and have the iphoto gallery to prove it!

It has been over six months since I put my stuff in storage in Chicago and since then I have stayed for a week or more in ten houses (oh, and two nights in my own car). The number of friends that have let me join in on their dinners is too high to count. Thanks to all of you for making this transition period fun and adventurous.

4 thoughts on “The Big Move

  1. >yeah for finally getting to move into your awesome house! i’m so excited for you and for all the fun “home stuff” you will be doing over the next months, years, etc. i’m so happy for you to feel settled and for you to have a place that you can call home! i know it will be SO cute! love you lots and miss you!

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