House Progress: One Month

Welcome to my new home in Grand Rapids, MI! I have been so blessed to have a bunch of help getting things ready. I’ve now been here one month and have already thrown a dinner party and housed seven guests for an entire week. The next party is in two weeks. What a blessing to have space to entertain!

We’ve come a long way, baby.  For a view of the house a month ago, click on this post.

The living room-

I couldn’t afford art, so I made my own arrangement of things I’ve collected traveling. The comments have been that this room feels very comfortable–my goal along with uniqueness.

The view from the front door. The open door in the second hallway is the bathroom. I’m not posting bathroom pictures yet because they are not ready for public display. 🙂

Here is my bedroom. I still need to paint the doors white and put things on the walls. The goal is that it feels like a lush retreat. That’s Heidi’s daughter, Ava, reading on my bed.

Ava DeKorne: my favorite house guest thus far.

This is the guest room/office. I am very happy with this room! It is a trundle bed for multiple visitors…

And the kitchen…The cabinets are going to be painted the color of the green cove ceiling in the living room. I’m going for an Italian villa feeling.

The table was set for 8 this past week!

I actually worked really hard on the basement as well. This “yoga room” was home to five of the SpringHill Camp Directors this week! I think the men enjoyed the slumber party set up as much as if they were junior highers. We could hear them giggling through the vents!

The backdrop of the treadmill is a closet I created out of old curtains.
This is a park one block west of my house.
I’m loving the trees and nature of GR!

This is the sunset view from my house!

3 thoughts on “House Progress: One Month

  1. >I LOVE it, Apes! You have done an amazing job in such a short amount time. I love how homey (sp?) and cozy it feels. It looks so great. I can’t wait to visit sometime. I’m really, really impressed with how quickly you pulled this all together. It’s AWESOME! 🙂 Love you!

  2. >Ok, I need you to come help me with my house! It looks so cozy and cute…you’ve done an awesome job. I can’t believe the transformation since I was there! The outside is especially cute, with all the fall decorations. So happy you have a home to enjoy!

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