Reaching More Kids

1999 was my first summer at SpringHill Camps.
So, 2009 will be especially celebratory for me.

In 1999, those lovely cranberry shirts with the feet on them read, “How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news” (Romans 10:15).

Ten years later, I’ve walked a lot of dust-filled roads. Those of you that know me know that my life is pretty much sold out to SpringHill. Many of you try to convince me that I work too hard, but it’s because my heart bleeds SpringHill. I still feel choked up each time I really think about the opportunity the Lord has given me to reach kids and their families for Christ. There is nothing I would rather be doing!

Over the past few years, I have realized more and more of a calling to reach children that are the least of these. This summer, I have an exciting opportunity to take my Day Camp team to an area that will reach 100 children living in poverty in Grand Rapids. Please check out my website:
…and join me in prayer that God’s message will spread far and wide and that money will never stand in the way of a child having a SpringHill experience!

One thought on “Reaching More Kids

  1. >April! I think it is so awesome that you love Springhill SO MUCH! I can’t wait to work with you this summer! and I’m ecstatic about the opportunity to reach kids in poverty. God is SO SO GOOD!

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