Dear Summer Staff, I miss you!

Dear 09 Summer Staff,

I miss you! I’ve never seen a group so intentional about sharing Christ’s love with kids and with each other in intentional community. You truly “Lived it Out” this summer and your investment in kids is long-lasting. When parents answered the question, “What did you appreciate/value about your campers week at SpringHill?” they overwhelmingly said…YOU!

“That they cared about my child and he wasn’t just a kid in the crowd”

“The intimacy the counselors established with our kids. Digging into Scripture, not just surface.”

“I loved all the energy and ambition you could see in every counselor”

“The counselors really tried to get to know each child personally and make them feel included. Our son developed a deep interest in God that we have been very neglectful in. We will take this lead and all begin to put God first again. Thanks!”

You guys ROCK!

Lots of Love,

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