It’s like a cleaning lady moved in

>****See update below*****
I grew up in a lovely suburb of Chicago where the mean house price is $600,590. When I scrub the floor on my hands and knees, I still feel like I’ve got mean step-sisters standing over me and I am Cinderella. My punishment, mostly because it was never a part of my childhood routine. One of the nicest benefits of being able to afford a house in the suburbs? Being able to afford an awesome cleaning lady!

Enter adulthood. I now work for a non-profit in a city where the mean house price is $500,000 less than where I grew up. And I am so blessed. Today, I walked the little girl I mentor to her house in the inner city. And I felt at home.

But secretly, I still dream about material things. Like someone to come do my cleaning for me. And then, I discovered the Shark Steam Mop. As a coupon-clipping Kohl’s shopper, I brought home my own cleaning lady!

They should pay me to be on an infomercial. I’m hooked. Can’t stop cleaning. It even steam-cleaned my white rug… something it doesn’t even claim to do! But, the “Proof is in the Pad.”

Any bets on how long my cleaning infatuation will last? ๐Ÿ™‚

******JAN 2011 UPDATE*****
The steam mop stopped working. It won’t get hot anymore. So, I take back all my nice comments. I went back to dirty floors. And the occasional swiffer.

2 thoughts on “It’s like a cleaning lady moved in

  1. >I not-so-secretly dream of material things like a cleaning lady. There are not enough hours in the day…or dollars in the bank. Dang. I would like a video demonstration of that mop, please! Would it work on slate? Because my kitchen floor is a pain in the rear to mop. Which is why I rarely do it. Luckily it's dark.

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