House Progress: Just Whistlin’ While I Work

Once upon a time I moved into a house that hadn’t been updated since 1972. Oh, except for that little TV from 1993. Here is the story of the ever evolving office/guest room. It was painted my riskiest color- Bamboo. And it is my favorite. Nothing better than painting white walls!

As you can see from the before and after, the first thing I did was some quick and thrifty things to bring it up to date- trundle bed from Craig’s list, desk from SpringHill (formerly Ikea) and my own mac screen and bookshelves left over from Chicago.

So, here’s how my office was looking until a few days ago. Definitely functioning, but I felt crowded by bookcases and I wanted to be closer to the windows while I worked.

Since fall is the season of change, I’ve changed the look of my office by doing the following completely free things:

  1. Turned the bed and added a blue pillow to the mix.
  2. Hung dry-erase boards on the antique ladder and positioned it near my desk.
  3. Tied back the curtains with binder clips. 🙂
  4. Took the top off the Ikea desk (it was hindering my creativity) and moved the desk to the corner window.
  5. Brought in a smaller, blue shag rug that was in my basement and placed it on a diagonal.
  6. Turned my bookshelf on it’s side and stacked books vertically.
  7. Hung a national geographic map for artwork.

And here are not so free, but real cheap additions. I love the color added by these Ikea holders (already had the artwork of the SpringHill landscape) and this new filing system (I’m totally sold on the “Getting Things Done” book).

I think I’m going to go look for more bookcases to turn on their sides….

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