Singin’ Sweet Lake Home Donnell all Summer Long

We took this picture on the boat a few nights ago. Here’s why I love it:


  • It was taken just after we spent hours on a moonlit pontoon boat cruise. Love those!

  • The genuine smiles of my friends. We’d just finished sharing about our summers (and how being a leader is sometimes rough) and we still looked like this. Happy and blessed.
  • I always look forward to finishing a summer of ministry and getting to my family’s house on Lake Donnell to rest/try to break the speed record on the waverunner. I loved inviting the other SpringHill summer camp directors to share in this experience with me.

  • I’ve known some of these people for 10 years, and others for just a few. But they are SO much more than my co-workers. They are my comrades.

  • For a lot of our time together, the boats sat docked while we worked hard planning summer 2011. This team understands the purpose behind playing hard and working hard.
The joy in life is to be used for a purpose. I want to be used up when I die.
-George Bernard Shaw

3 thoughts on “Singin’ Sweet Lake Home Donnell all Summer Long

  1. >I've said this a hundred times, but does Springhill know how lucky they are to have you? I don't think there is another person out there who would be as dedicated to this mission like you are. Glad you had fun with your comrades. 🙂

  2. >I'm not gonna lie, I saw that pic and read your post and my heart ached and tears welled up a bit… I missed the family that came from working at SpringHill. I miss my comrades (good word choice there friend). Love you friend.

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