Why Women Might Be Better Lawn Boys

>I’ve been the owner of a lawn for two years and I’ve never owned a lawn mower. You see, I had this nice young man, the lawn boy, who brought his generous dad’s mower over and cared for my lawn. But then that lawn boy moved to college. And I was left with a growing jungle. So, I had a few choices:
1- Find another nice lawn boy with his own mower –Nope, didn’t have time to network before the lawn grew to high.
2- Hire a legit lawn service–Um, I could have done this if I stopped buying groceries…
3- Buy my own cheap lawn mower and do it myself–I’m allergic to grass, but a $100 investment would pay for itself in a few weeks…

The winning option was…#3. And when I decided to buy my first ever mower, I wanted it to be on the cheaper end, take up a small amount of space in the garage, not involve hauling gasoline cans, and help me SAVE THE WORLD!

So, my friends, meet the Task Force!Yes, I bought a reel mower (I got it at Lowe’s- see it here). Besides the fact that I break into hives every time I mow, I rather enjoy the new green household helper. 🙂 I love that it doesn’t make any noise or pollution, it can get very close to trees and under picnic tables and it does have a nice clean cut. In this picture, you can see that I cut the bottom section, but not yet the top section.
Yes, the neighbors were totally staring at me when I was posing my lawn mower.One negative is that you have to pick up every single tiny stick before you mow or it gets caught in the reel and won’t move. I think that’s okay because raking before mowing probably adds a ton of calorie burning to the project.

So, here’s the interesting thing. Every single person told me not to buy a reel mower because they are too hard to push. But, I realized that men are the only ones giving advice on mowers. Hmmm. Sorry guys, but you’re wrong. It kind of feels easy to a woman. The reason is, that you haven’t spent years pushing double strollers. Reel mowers are way easier than double strollers. Those kids sure are cute though, aren’t they? I kind of liked that double-stroller pushing job better than lawn boy.

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