Biking Boston in the Fall

When our team traveled out East, they put me in charge of the Boston entertainment. I wanted to look really cool and smart, and since I didn’t know any Boston locals (now I do!), I went straight to my favorite source, Trip Advisor. The #2 rated thing to do in Boston is to take a bike tour with Urban Adventours. Brilliant. Every city should do this.

We spent a 3 hour ride with fun, witty and knowledge bikers that incidentally got paid to be tour guides. We really saw all of Boston- from South to North- including history and Fenway! And the thing about biking in groups is that you become a force on the streets and cars have to yield to you. A welcome change.

I’m going try to bike every city that I visit. It really is the best way to get to know the landscape and see the sites!

Bicycling Magazine rated America’s Best Bike Cities. They are:
1. Minneapolis………………6. San Francisco
2. Portland, OR……………. 7. Madison, WI
3. Boulder, CO………………8. New York City
4. Seattle………………………9. Tuscon, AZ
5. Eugene, OR……………..10. Chicago

And, coming in at #26: Boston.

For those of you that are Grand Rapids fans, we’re #36 on the list. But did you know that we’re going to build 100 more miles of bike lanes by 2013? Anyone want to start a bike tour company?

2 thoughts on “Biking Boston in the Fall

  1. >I will sit in the passenger seat. Or better yet you can do it this weekend around Wadsworth and you will probably be back before we could even get water to you! 🙂 Cute pictures-way to go on the planning!

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