>Re-Living the Taylor Days

>I graduated from Taylor University with fun, beautiful, trusted and committed friends for life. Each year, we gather for a weekend to re-live our TU days and love on each other in-person. We have a proven, simple friendship philosophy. It worked when we were planting the seeds 13 years ago and still keeps us strong now:

1. eat good food together
2. sit in our pajamas and talk

We visited Ali in Ohio this year and we’ve heard her talk about the Winking Lizard since we graduated. We’ve all been dying to go together, so we piled 5 adults and 2 babies into the SUV to go practice the “eat good food” part. Heidi and Baby Reese, Ali and Baby Andy

April, Abby and Jenny
We all really love each others’ kids. Really, we do. Even Jenny. But this is what our reunion dinner ended up looking like. Turns out babies don’t like 3 hour dinners.
We ate at home the rest of the time. Which has many benefits including elastic-waisted pants. 🙂

Never to be defeated by screaming babies in the backseat, we pumped up the music and threw a dance party in the car. See? Just like the good ol’ Christian College days.
I love my friends.
Plant a seed of friendship; reap a bouquet of happiness. Lois L. Kaufman

5 thoughts on “>Re-Living the Taylor Days

  1. >I love this post and I love you! In true "blog vulture" style I am the first to comment! SO glad you could come and hang out in pj's and hold my baby and eat good food! LOVE YOU lots!! 🙂

  2. >Once again, I've been proven right…but this time by Ali. The girl is a blogging maniac. 🙂 Love you, and will forgive you for posting weird face picture of me everywhere because you're so cute and fun. Love you dearly.

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