Tie-Dye Your Socks and Drive that Bus

I love building teams. Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can become huge team-unifiers.
Because, you know, the team that tie-dyes socks together, stays together.
I cut mine into leg-warmers in an attempt to be young and hip like all those college kids!
My favorite part of the fall season is meeting with past staff. I love hearing the stories of how life-changing it was to be a part of an authentic community, a team that worked and played hard, and ultimately, getting to introduce kids to Jesus.

Some past staff and I recently gathered at Ridge Point Community Churchto help out with their “Trunk or Treat” –6,000 Hollanders showed up! And when their planned entertainers had to cut out early, they invited us to take the stage for an hour.

And so, without any notice or practice, my staff effortlessly took the stage to sing, dance, perform skits and “drive the bus” to a better-than-candy experience for kids. I’m pretty sure their tie-dye socks give them superpowers. I’m so proud of them.               
This is what it looks like to “drive the bus.” Just in case it’s not one of your favorite dance moves. I highly recommend it.

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