Concert of the Month: Over the Rhine

I’m doing a new thing. It’s called, the “Concert of the Month Club.”
Yes, I made it up. I’ll take name suggestions.
On October 30th, I saw Over the Rhine in Grand Rapids.
photo courtesy of Old Rock House

Here is why they are one of my favorites:
1- they are seasoned
2- they are insanely creative
3- they move well on stage
4- they write about real life

Look for their new album, The Long Surrender, released 1.11.11. They played their new set and it was my third and favorite OTR concert. Trust me. You’ll want to get this new one.

Well, my friends. I’m a believer. That is, a believer that once it hits November, you can crank up the Christmas music. And one of my favorite albums is OTR’s Snow Angels. Check out “All I Ever Get for Christmas is Blue” below. If Christmas is all jingle bells and glowing hearts for you, then this is not your band. Over the Rhine keeps it real. Love them.

In November, the “Club” will be traveling to see: JOSHUA RADIN!!!

One thought on “Concert of the Month: Over the Rhine

  1. >my girls all listened to the song. 🙂 i like otr, too. but i'm mostly jealous of joshua radin. so excited you get to go see him! can't wait to hear what december will bring. 🙂 love you!

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