History Week: All Memories Are Not For Keeping

>It’s history week on the blog. You’ll see why on Friday.

It’s been quite fun to pull out old family photos. Except for this one. As an advocate for childrens’ rights, I was disturbed. I can’t remember the names of these kids, but I know they were childhood friends of mine. Maybe they will come across my blog and tell me they ended up being okay, but I wonder how damaging this was to their malleable psyches. We can only hope they don’t remember. And that they don’t have this picture in their baby books like I do…

P.S. Mom, I will be forever grateful that you never dressed me as a clown for Halloween.

3 thoughts on “History Week: All Memories Are Not For Keeping

  1. >I think I know why…I'm talking about history week, not the issues. We've all got those, clown or no clown. For the record, I was a clown one year. I hate clowns.

  2. >My mom doesn't know how to comment on my blog, so I'm posting this here for a keepsake. She put it on my facebook wall. I just CAN'T BELIEVE IT. No wonder I have so many issues. "April, just checked your blog ……I have a confession…you WERE a clown for Halloween. I'm pretty sure I remember right. For sure Kyle was a clown his first Halloween. You were 2 1/2yrs and I think you matched. He wore red & white polka dot outfit Grandmother Nolen made. ( He didn't want us to put the white make-up on his face. He cried it off.)"

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