>History Week: Picture Perfect


I’m re-visiting my childhood through pictures.
Here’s one of my favorites. And why I love it:

1. My parents were the same age that I am now. WOW. Wish I would have found this sooner and known I was striving to be this attractive at the age of 31. My mom is SO BEAUTIFUL.

2. I have never, ever found a dress that I loved as much as that purple one.

3. That cute kid in the red polo. You can totally see his personality in this picture. The rest of us put on our picture perfect smile, but Kyle definitely used the “I’m ready to take this world by storm” pose. And he meant it. Love you, bro!

5 thoughts on “>History Week: Picture Perfect

  1. >Man, you and Kyle were cute. You look just like your mom! I hope small Jonathan will make an appearance, soon…and apparently he does, too.

  2. >April…I love that picture and the post. The dress is totally fabulous! We should find a way to recreate the dress!!! Love the dark hair and bangs!!!!

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