>History Week: Gotta Get Those Eyes


This is another favorite childhood picture. On my mom’s side, I was the first-born grand & great-grandchild. I think these women pretty much think I’m the greatest thing in the world, don’t you? How cool to have photographic proof that I am this loved. The enormity doesn’t escape me. These women passed down a lot to me- faith, higher education, work ethic and a love of children. But let’s be honest, all I really wanted was those EYES.

Bette Lee Rudd Nolen, Georgia Ann Nolen Gann, Mary Elizabeth Knox Rudd, April Elizabeth Gann

Just in case you thought Granny Rudd was looking a little frail in the picture above, check us out a few months later on the farm in Slidell, Texas. This woman had spunk! I’m so thankful for the years I got to spend with my Granny and that my parents frequently took us city kids to the Texas farm to ride tractors and wander around in our cowboy boots…

3 thoughts on “>History Week: Gotta Get Those Eyes

  1. >Whew, good thing you got those eyes! You come from a long line of beauties. And I agree…kind of want to copy history week, too! It's really fun to see all of these pictures.

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