History Week: Daddy’s Little Girl

History week is coming to a close. However, there will be an encore to history week that will feature the last family member added- the famous Jonathan Gann.

Tonight, our family will be celebrating my dad & Debi’s wedding.

I will be showing up in all my celebratory glory, but I do think it’s fair to acknowledge that re-marriage makes kids grieve a bit on the inside. Or at least oldest children that are girls and are still kind of emotional about the fact that family Christmas will never be the same.

In all this change (don’t worry- I’ll catch up to it all), I’m so glad for pictures to remind us of what was, what is and what always will be. Here’s a little tribute to my dad on his special day. I think he’s amazing!

Dad, we’ve had a special connection from the beginning.
It’s an honor to journey through this life as your daughter.

I’ve always eagerly anticipated our time together.

I’ve always carefully studied your wise ways and varied skills.

No one will dispute me- you know how to play better than any dad!

I love being your oldest. And your only daughter. You’ve shaped me well.

I appreciate that you still let me reach out like I did on
that first day of school. Sometimes I just need to know
that my dad is nearby and thinks it will be okay.

I am forever grateful for my daddy.
Much happiness and love to you on this day!

6 thoughts on “History Week: Daddy’s Little Girl

  1. >So sweet. Love you and praying for your family as you begin a new journey together tonight. P.S. I think your dad is pretty lucky to have you as a daughter, too.

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