Go Ahead and Bring Your Props to the Wedding

In order to kick off the keepin’ it real posts, I thought I’d share some recent photos. My dad got re-married a week ago and the wedding was very nice. But, of course, it’s always a little awkward when you are meeting your new step-family for the first time at the wedding. In front of a hundred other people. I loved my brothers’ approach- they never thought about being anyone but their authentic, crazy selves. They teach me so much about living and loving. I do adore this picture of the three of us, but what if we only had this kind of picture to remember the night? The one of my brothers with their props completely shows off their personalities. Much more than anything posed. Love them.

And back in Grand Rapids, I continue to spend a lot of my free time with the little girl I mentor. And her brothers. And neighbors. And cousins (who are mostly the neighbors, too). We took our own family picture at our Fall Family Luncheon a few weeks ago. Let’s just recognize how hard it is to get all kids to smile authentically at the same time. So, never to be defeated by an unsmiling child, I started taking “goofy” pictures. Guess what? We laughed harder than ever. And I think we captured the heart of what it’s like to spend time in relationship with a child. Love them.

So, friends, bring a prop to a wedding or put a turkey craft on your head and pose with a kid you love. Those are the memories I want.

P.S. The new step-family is totally cool and nice. I’m not just saying that.  Very thankful for that.

One thought on “Go Ahead and Bring Your Props to the Wedding

  1. >I'm loving your blog. I might have to copy your history week. Except I had a very long awkward stage that most people have only heard about. 😉

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