Shifting & No Visible Bounds

In the old “Paul Revere” churches in Boston, there was a part of history that struck me silent. Take a look at what they wrote on the memorial plaques still hanging on the church walls: It was one of those sweet moments in life where you feel God’s speaking to you in the silence.

All people are like grass.
All of their glory is like the flowers in the field.
The grass dries up. The flowers fall to the ground.
But the word of the Lord stands forever.
I Peter 1:24,25a

So I’ve been thinking a lot about this since Boston. Leaving a ministry legacy.

When I get passionate, I have to integrate it. You see, I’ve been using this blog as a fun, creative outlet. Which is great. That is important. And I’ll still do that. But have you ever met someone nearing the last quarter of their life? They get more gutsy with what they say publicly. They keep it real. Life’s more interesting that way. So are blogs. There’s about to be a shift.

Oh, and Paul Revere is memorialized by only one but important word (inscribed on every Boston statue of him)- does anyone know what it is? What would you want your ONE WORD to be?

Update: Paul Revere: A Patriot.

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