History Week: The Encore

I wanted to get one final November post in. Because it’s a very special month– National Adoption Awareness Month. And because my brother insisted on his own post.

I love that my life was changed by adoption. I think it’s an amazing gift- for a child and for a family. Take a look at this kiddo that came into my life when I was 10.

Yes, those glasses were really mine…I’m a child of the 80’s. Not sure about the blue eye shadow at age 10…but back to my baby brother….

Adoption is my first memory of having a dependence on God and watching Him answer prayers. For four years, we prayed as a family each night for this baby. When he finally came, we named him Jonathan, meaning, God’s gracious gift.

Our family was adopting a baby with special needs- and Jonathan’s need was a perfect fit- he was hearing impaired and my mom was fluent in sign language! However, we quickly noticed that our new baby was turning to sounds and soothed by music. Yes, he has perfect hearing. And that, my friends was the first miracle I experienced–not that his hearing was fine, because we would have loved him regardless–but that the only way for God to get Jonathan into our family was for this perfectly-hearing baby to appear to have a special need.

And I can’t for a second imagine what our lives would have been like without him. To know Jonathan is to be blessed by joy, love, laughter and fullness of life. What a blast it’s been to journey through life as this little boy’s big sister…and to watch him grow-up into such a wonderful man and teammate (he works for me at SpringHill).  I’m forever grateful that I have an adoption story (and hope to adopt someday, too). I am wholeheartedly convinced that adopting a child brings great honor to God. It’s living out what He’s done for us. Come join my family. Sight unseen. Just as you are. I’ve chosen to love you forever and then some.

Love you, buddy! So glad you’re my brother forever!

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