Yuletide Highlights of 2010

Thanks for understanding about Christmas. We all have such different stories.

What did you do Christmas night? We got invited over to our friend’s house for Mexican food. And pomegranate margaritas. It was awesome.

I think every Christmas should be Mexican night.

About that brother of mine. Love him. The highlight of this Christmas was our many talks. Until all hours of the night. I think he’s spectacular. Until he beats me at games.

Need a Christmas love story? I do. My Grandpa Jack (died in 2000) and Grandma Doris eloped on Christmas Eve. They were seriously in love. We still celebrate together.

The original 3 with their mom- Aunt Debbie, Uncle John, Grandma Gann, My Dad

I remember when all these kids (except you, Michael) were babies. Now they’re men. Most days….

In conclusion, a few simple things I wanted to remember about this Christmas:

The presentation of the package (can you say themed baskets for all?)

And freshly fallen snow (view from our front door)

I hope your Christmas was Merry and Bright!

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