30 x 30 (30 Things I Want to be About in My 30’s)

I’m not much into New Year’s Resolutions. Usually, I think they make people feel bad about themselves in February. But, while I was on vacation, I spent a lot of time thinking about living life with intention.

This fall, our SpringHill Day Camps team re-visited the vision we’d committed to and the specific goals we had set in 2008. We were actually blown away. Our vision and goals look so tiny compared to what God has actually done. But they were an incredible starting place. And you know what? Some of what we set out to do at first turned out to be distractions. So we refined and cut them out of our practice. And we’re better for it.

I’d highly recommend putting together a list of the things you want to be about–an intentional living list. Keep the vision in front of you. Set daily goals to achieve the bigger picture. Re-adjust when necessary. Be ready to be surprised.

30 Things I Want to Be About in My 30’s:

  • be a good neighbor
  • be mentored/counseled/coached
  • become seasoned in sacred pauses and Sabbath
  • capture beautiful photography
  • collect passport stamps
  • continue my education
  • develop daily rhythms
  • embody a good partner and team-player
  • equip future leaders
  • give more and be financially healthy
  • have less stuff
  • improve my Spanish
  • invite people into my home
  • journey through each day with intentionality and vision
  • learn how to cook food that meets my dietary needs
  • listen to lots of live music
  • live with margins
  • love on my brothers like crazy
  • memorize scripture
  • mentor families, not just their kids
  • participate in a multi-cultural, multi-socio-economic community
  • place filters in my life
  • practice humility and grace
  • provide a safe, loving home for children
  • pursue deep friendships, not thousands of acquaintances
  • send thank-you cards
  • sit in the homes of people that aren’t like me
  • spend time being active outdoors often
  • take care of my body
  • write more

2 thoughts on “30 x 30 (30 Things I Want to be About in My 30’s)

  1. >I LOVE this. I've been working on my New Year's post and there are definitely some similarities. Thanks for being an inspiration! I love you and admire you and think you are already about many of these things. 🙂

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