I Got Punked on New Years (yes, by a mouse)

There were multiple times in 2010 when I thought I was being punked. Except the cameras never came out. And the seriously-made-for-TV encounters kept coming. So, it’s no surprise that December 31, 2010 ended the same way.

Meet the mouse that I captured in my kitchen. He was still moving slowly but wouldn’t respond to me screaming, “Go away, mouse, Go away, mouse!!!!” Thus, the pot. (I snuck up behind him- are you so impressed? I felt very brave).

But then, he and I were both paralyzed from this point forward. Meet the man that came over to save me from standing on my couch as I rang in the New Year. Check out the tool I gave him. I’d like to thank my facebook commenters for all the ideas.

Once said mouse was “disposed of,” Evan and I got out of mouseville and rang in the New Year properly. Including, but not limited to adult bingo and one very fuzzy iphone picture.

And now that 2011’s here, we’re all settling into a great year. Evan’s back home at the famous Cheese Louise. Fitting, right? And I am here with my mouse friends STARVING. Because I can’t go into my kitchen. I’ve created a really nice towel barricade for myself in my bedroom. Where I feel I’ll be safe for most of 2011.

4 thoughts on “I Got Punked on New Years (yes, by a mouse)

  1. >the tail sticking out the bottom of that pot makes me gag a little! i'm so glad you had a friend to come over and help. i would have freaked. how do you know more aren't getting in?!! ahhhhhhhh!!!! love you and glad you weren't gobbled up by a man eating mouse!

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