Things I Love Thursday

Sometimes, when I’m cleaning, I think, “Oh, just one more surface…”


It wasn’t always that way. One day my friends John and Sherry over at Young House Love told me about their obsession with Mrs. Meyer’s. Since I’m highly allergic to the WORLD, I’m currently switching over to organic everything. It was fate.

And, oh, y’all need to hear the people talk about Mrs. Meyer’s (the Basil Scent in particular). It’s almost disturbing. But just wait until you try it. You’ll be one of them. I bought mine off of and this review was enough to convince me:
I love Mrs. Meyer’s products and I think this scent is probably my favorite. Like the title says… if only I could bathe in it! It makes my daily household chores bearable. I am constantly cleaning after my three munchkins (all four and under) and this gives me that moment I need to breathe in and relax between the craziness of my day. Yes a cleaner really can do that!

Here’s my homemade, label-maker version. I took the original bottle and poured a few cap fulls into each recycled spray bottle, then mixed with water. The $7.99 price tags looks a lot better when you realize how far the 32 oz bottle actually goes. I’ve already made 4 spray bottles and a few floor mixtures.

Plus, did I mention it’s just heavenly? And it cleans well. In.Love.

You weren’t expecting a cleaning product, were you? 🙂

4 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. >I've been using this stuff for years. I love it. The Lemon Verbena is my favorite, though. I think because we carried it at the little home store I worked in after college and I was always making test foods and using that to wash my hands. Anyway, that's what I usually have in my kitchen, but recently I tried some Bath & Bodyworks stuff…it smells good, but I really do prefer the Mrs. Meyers stuff. That was a big comment on a small topic. But if anyone's going to get excited about a cleaning product with you, it's me. 🙂

  2. >Do you have to order it online ?I hate having to order stuff online because I have impulse control problems. You have turned into such a great purging, cleaning women. I aspire to be like you.

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