They Loved Me First

Happy Birthday to my sweet mom.

I wake up every morning thankful that I get to have a mom. And not just any mom. The kind of mom that built forts under the dining room table and played Cowboys and Indians with us (what do kids call it now?).  The kind of mom that pulled all-nighters to sew glorious Halloween costumes and handmade all our birthday parties.

If mommy bloggers existed back then, we all would have followed my mom with envy and admiration. And she grew up to be an even better example. I’m so blessed.

So, because I’m stuck in a snowstorm (I believe we pulled over somewhere near Kalamazoo…and I’m blogging from a gas station McDonalds), I thought I would just re-post last year’s birthday post.  The thing you should know is that I love her even more this year.


Sometimes, it’s hard to grow up.

One of those arduous tasks can be to navigate adulthood with your parents. You’re not quite on the same playing field, but you’re definitely not a child anymore. And you are secretly scared that those things you did today represent the exact things you told your junior high self that you would never do as an adult…

But one of the greatest honors of adulthood is to reflect on the magnitude of the love of your parents.

To say that they loved me first. To be their kid. To play that role.

It was my mom’s birthday yesterday. I spent a lot of time thinking about the blessing of her. To this world. To her family. To me.

She instinctively, intelligently and carefully brought us to adventure, wonder and individual discovery. What a gift this love is to a child.

Happy Birthday to the wonderful woman that held me first.
And made me feel so secure.
And taught me that I am LOVED.
I am so thankful I get to be your daughter.
April Elizabeth

4 thoughts on “They Loved Me First

  1. >April,This is so great and touching. I have been reflecting on my own gift from my mother lately too – how they impact our lives in such a huge way, with their love and character that gets all intertwine with ours. Rarely do we see all the sacrifices, and similarities that are blessed from that human connection.Tell your mom, Happy Birthday.

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