Kiss me, I’m…

Just waiting for the next holiday.

No, not the one with hearts and valentines.  I don’t celebrate that one.

I’m Irish.  I love the one, true, dye-your-river-green-Chicago holiday.  My favorite of the year.

I was reminded of it last week when I braved the ice and snow to get to the West Michigan countryside for Fenian’s, the “Best Irish Pub in Michigan.”

Wednesday is their Traditional Irish Music Session.  And musicians come from far and wide for an Irish Jam.

      photo by Grand Rapids Magazine, September 2006 (but it really did look like this when I was there)

Right there in the little town of Conklin.  Irish Fiddles and Penny Whistles and everything.  It’s almost like Ireland.  Ah, Ireland.  I miss you.

DSC03492 copy

Don’t you love how music unlocks our memories?  It’s a good thing that penny whistle player I know travels with me.  She really is the best in Ireland and Michigan.  You should hear how many people ask her to join their bands…

5 thoughts on “Kiss me, I’m…

  1. >Love it. You would get along fabulously with my dad. He breaks out the Irish music and plays ONLY that for at least a month before March 17. And, I love that you have your very own penny whistle traveling companion. How cool is that?

  2. >Hey April! I'm Katie's little sister and have been stalking you! I read this and was going to tell you how awesome this post is because my father loves Irish music, too, but Katie beat me to the punch! Anyway! Love your blog, your wit, and your writing style! :)(Oh….and I totally am buying that book you mentioned about de-cluttering! That's my husband's and my resolution this year!)

  3. >Yay! I love it when blog stalkers introduce themselves! Because now I can stalk you. 🙂 And I love that two sisters I've never met think I'd be friends with their Dad. Mr. Parr, I love your Irish enthusiasm! I hope we get to meet someday. Hopefully in the month of March…

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