Things I Love Thursday

Love it: The path I walk to work when I stay at SpringHill.
The road from the townhouses at SpringHill

Love it: New SpringHill Staff Track Jackets
Todd and April- long SpringHill buddies sporting our new track jackets
Here I am with Todd, my first boss at SpringHill  (1999) and my friend.  I love that I work with my friends.

Love it: This book and that our team is always ready to implement change
Danae with our favorite book

Love it: Team Pictures
The whole SpringHill Staff- January 2011

Love it: All the fun our Day Camp team has eating, laughing, playing cards, snowboarding and sharing music while we are together up in Evart, MI for a few days.

3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. >I just remembered that I was going to do a things i love thursday yesterday and forgot. Just wait until next week. wait for it..wait for it..:) Lovely view! Looks cold though. I would never make it. It's 70 here today. The only thing that gets me through "winter" is days like this.

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