A Tribute to Snowmageddon

Oh, winter. If we were to play take it or leave it, I would leave it.  And not just today.  Greetings this morning, from Snowmageddon in the midwest.
Office Window After Blizzard
Pine trees heavy laden with snow are the only thing I like about winter. Until you get me moving (THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE SHOVELING).  When the world of winter sports opens up, there are a few moments when I must admit to liking this season a tiny bit.
Snowboarding at SpringHill
I do think being sporty in the snow is pretty rad.  But let’s be clear– 1) it took me a long time to agree be coerced to go out in the cold and 2) I am a poor excuse for sporty.

But that Jay Taylor (one of the other SpringHill Day Camp Directors) is one heck of an instructor.  Please note the progression of action so well captured by his lovely wife, Liz.
Snowboarding at SpringHill 
Liz said I smiled my nervous smile the whole time- but it’s Jay that looks nervous. I think I was telling him, “you’re thinking it’s a bad idea to let go, and I want to affirm that.”
Snowboarding at SpringHill
Finally, I went at it alone…but if you look closely you will see that my mittens and sweater are caked with snow. And, yes, the snow actually goes all the way up my back. Don’t ask.
Snowboarding at SpringHill
After our evening of fun, Instructor Jay kindly recommended I keep practicing at SpringHill before hitting the big slopes.  But he was showing me some backwards moves like he thought those were in my future, so I’m thinking it’s only a matter of time…

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