Love, Loss and Living

I posted here that I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day.

That was actually a lie mis-print. I’m pretty pumped about today’s plans. Most importantly, the second grade party at Burton Elementary.  Let’s be honest, I’m just a holiday kind of girl.

I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.  John 10:10

But what happens if you’re not feeling life abundant when V-day rolls around?

That’s why God gave us people to tell.  Like our Starbucks baristas.   Starbucks (or Barista 2)
One of my childhood friends, Robb, died suddenly in his wife’s arms just before Christmas.  In her deep grief, Tricia, found herself unable to venture out into the world.  Except to Starbucks.  It’s at a local coffee shop that she’s being loved by strangers.  I think you need to read her post titled, Starbucks, today.

I’m forever grateful that Tricia is sharing her story of love, loss and living through it on her blog.  It gives me a different perspective and new lens from which to pray this Valentine’s day.

May we be the strangers who step up and fill the void.  May we be like Tricia, who allows others in when the pain is so deep.  May God use you and me to surprise His children with His love.

* For more of Tricia’s story, grab some tissue and go to Teaching Tuck and Ty,   photo by Bart Heird on Flickr 

6 thoughts on “Love, Loss and Living

  1. >I love Tricia's blog, I've been reading it fir weeks now and sharing it with others. You're pretty great too. Have an awesome V-Day my friend.

  2. >April, thanks for reading, writing, and encouraging love in abundance. My husband was a great man, wasn't he? :)Good to 'meet' you. Here's to Salted Caramel Mochas. Decaf. 🙂

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