My Gift to People that Hate Children: Kid Ambassadors

View from the Balcony
A few weekends ago, I found myself in a beachside Westin with four kids ages 7-10.  We were quite the possy.  I started baby-sitting for them when all four were under 4.  Which is seriously my idea of fun.  But I realize that not all adults appreciate kids- especially in hotel lobbies.

On our first morning, I acted quickly.  Right there in the elevator, I gathered the kids close to me.

“You guys, I need to tell you something very important.  Do you know that not all adults like kids?”

Shock.  Awe.  Dismay.  Just the reaction I’m hoping for.

“And some of those people are actually staying in THIS hotel with us.  They are going to be in the lobby when we get off the elevator.”

Horrified looks.  They can’t believe it.  The oldest two verify that it might be true.  They heard that some people HATE kids.  More terror in the group.

“I have a great plan.  Do you guys know what an ambassador is?”

One of the ten year olds explains it brilliantly to her siblings (genius parents).

“So, we are on a special mission this weekend.  We are here to be KID AMBASSADORS to all the people that don’t like kids.  We’re going to show them how awesome and cool kids are.  After they see us, they are going to LOVE kids.  Do you guys think you can accept this mission?”

Elevator opens.  Perfect timing.  They are beyond pumped to save the world for kids.

Let’s be realistic.  It’s sometimes hard to remember your mission.  We all get a little sidetracked by trying to jump over lines in the floor or the inexplicable need to antagonize a sister.  But, all I had to do was whisper, “Ambassador” and said child would straighten up and act his best.  And if one fell out of line, you better believe the other siblings would make sure to get her back on track.  After all, they wouldn’t want to mis-represent ALL kids.

Of course, I came prepared with a few a gazillion games in my head.  Because sometimes your first trick gets old.  Here they are playing “Order Up” in the lobby.
Order Up in the Lobby
My favorite quote of the weekend?  From the youngest.  She came running up to me.

“April, do you just LIVE for kids?”

Yes.  Absolutely.  So glad they know.

3 thoughts on “My Gift to People that Hate Children: Kid Ambassadors

  1. >You are amazing with kids! I LOVE the way you turned a potentially bad situation into a fun "game" for them to work at all weekend. I'm gonna steal that idea one of these days (when Nattie can actually get it). That really is genius! I wish you lived by me so my kids could hang with you (and well, me too, of course!)! 🙂 I love you!!

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