Things I Love Thursday

Yep.  Still here in winter.

There are a few things that make me happy inside my house, which is where I spend more time than I would like these days…

The Decemberists. I’m so in love.  To the point that they are my constant companions at home.  If you don’t have The King is Dead, you need to stop reading and click here to purchase it.   If you’re still unsure, check out one of my favorites, “Rise to Me.”  It was inspired by lead singer Colin Meloy’s son with autism. I love how life enters art in such beautiful ways.

And then there’s my Tyler Candle.

Since this isn’t a scratch and sniff blog, here is how it is described:
Floral, woody blend combined with patchouli and vanilla with a heavy musk undertone

I was introduced to  “High Maintenance” at the Urban Cottage in Saugatuck.  Here the owner will woo you with his invented and borderline inappropriate names for the entire Tyler line.  He happens to call this one, “the pot smokin’ mama.”

Just to be clear, I don’t know if what he refers to is true.  But I’m guessing it’s my favorite scent because some days I want to be creative and free and some days I want to be chic and sophisticated.  It speaks to all sides of me.

Tyler Candle in Living Room 
So, no, I’m not thankful for the chill outside.  But the chill vibe inside?  Totally got that going on.  Thankful that all it really takes is a great album and a candle…

3 thoughts on “Things I Love Thursday

  1. >Two things I also enjoy…although it's been a LONG time since I've lit a candle. Not sure why that is. Hm. Love you!

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