My Future Career: A Professional Field Tripper?

I’ve always envisioned myself working forever.  Until death.  If you have spent 5 minutes with me, you know I have big goals and dreams for helping children.

But, I’m starting to see the appeal of being a stay-at-home mom.  Because I would print those free business cards and hand them to every teacher.  My title would be, “field-tripper.”

I had a day off last week, so I got to go on a field trip!!!  It was with the litle girl I mentor and her 2nd grade class.  Now, I’m no stranger to the class or the neighborhood.  I’m definitely the only white girl that shows up at the park.  And they stare.  I think it’s because they wonder what color my hair really is.  So do I, kids, so do I.

On the bus, I felt one of the boys in the seat behind me reach over and touch my hair.  I looked back to VERY curious eyes.

“What are your eyes?” he asked.

Pause from me. (Because honestly, I really don’t know how to characterize their color).

“Baby Brown,”  he said with confidence.  There you have it.  Makes perfect sense.  I’m claiming it as my color.  Second grade genius.

The rest was magical.  Forever captured by my camera.  The kids LOVE having someone take their picture.  Here are a few of the little girl I mentor at the Grand Rapids Children’s Museum.


And here are my qualifications for being a professional field-tripper:

  1. Within 30 seconds, I knew all 7 kids in my group by name (and never forgot them)
  2. I played along at the dentist, the bank, the post office, the puppet show, etc.  And of course, created memorable learning experiences along the way.  That’s what we do, right SpringHill?
  3. Only 3 of my 7 kids got lost.  And it was only for 5 minutes.  At the end.  When everyone was trying to get on the bus.  No big deal.

I got invited back on today’s field trip.  That’s right.  They had one last week and this week.  I can’t go, of course, because I’m a working woman.  But I’m really hoping to have some time off on St. Patrick’s day.  At the Valentine’s party I got to hand out bingo chips!  I’m really getting into this “Room Mom” gig.:)

4 thoughts on “My Future Career: A Professional Field Tripper?

  1. >What fun. I love how you look at life. And cracked up at your hair color comment. hahaha. I wonder the same thing. All I know for sure, is that I've started finding grays, and that is just not okay.

  2. >Oh! I so love field trips. I would have truly loved to have you as a "room mom" in my Kindergarten class. I can see why are are the favorite with the kids. Way to bring the SHX everywhere you go!!

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