Life in the Quad(rants)

Today, while I was in a meeting talking to people about kids and volunteers and what an awesome partnership we’re going to have this summer, I accidentally got as excited about an app on my ipod as I was about our shared ministry.

Somehow, we got on the subject of managing our time.  You know, we’re all riding in the mega-church/mega-camp fast lane.  And because we highly value the work we do and the people we’re serving, it can be hard to prioritize.

Enter the Quadrants.

They’ve revolutionized the way I manage my time.  I discovered that I was spending too much time living in the urgent.  They were all important things, but I wasn’t spending enough time on things that were vital for the future of our organization.  I was being a day-to-day manager, not a visionary leader.

Haven’t heard of the quadrants?  You must research.  Michael Hyatt recently blogged about how to use the Quadrants (also known as Stephen Covey’s Time Management Matrix) here.

I’ve noticed an increase in my focus and decrease in my stress-level since being introduced to the quadrants.  For example, when my to-do list is just too long (which happens often), I find new creative freedom in knowing that what lives on the unimportant list can sometimes be accomplished by someone else or in a different way.

Oh, and let me geek out about that app.  It’s called Priority Matrix for iphone and there’s a great free version. I’m so in love.  Is that wrong?

For those of you that don’t have an iphone, ipad or ipod touch, you should really buy one.  Oh, just kidding (although not really- and dear brother, if you’re reading this, I REALLY REALLY would use an ipad every single day of my life and am looking for a donor–you?).  The paper/white board version works just almost as well.  Here’s my office wall:
P.S. My boss called me a nerd today on the phone.  And he’s good at math.  So it must be true.

2 thoughts on “Life in the Quad(rants)

  1. >I want a whiteboard. In fact, I may have to hop on over to Ikea this afternoon to get one like that for my office at work. Love the quadrants, thanks for a cool app suggestion!

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