Sharpening The Axe

Abraham Lincoln once said, “Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe. 

This is what is before me.  Another summer as a camp director with SpringHill.  A large tree to be chopped down.  

Spring is spent sharpening the axe.  I do this professionally (oh, the long hours- we won’t go there) and personally.

Today, I’ll focus on nesting.  I truly believe it’s a thing.  And that it’s actually not limited to women about to give birth.  This season for me very much parallels welcoming a new child. It’s all-consuming, sleep-depriving and can be isolating.  My thoughts can’t be selfish, my needs have to be last, my strength has to be steadfast as others are depending on me to take care of them.

But oh, the reward.  And instead of just one child, it’s many.  8,000 predicted at Day Camps. I know some of you think I’m crazy.  This season I keep doing.  This life I keep living.  But 8,000 children.

So, let me invite you into the nesting.  Here’s what I’ve been up to.

When you nest, you have to change things. Even in your favorite room. How lucky am I that I found an amazing color of spray paint and some stray things just waiting to be rescued in my basement? I took two empty frames, an old basket, and two sconces and updated them in the new color for spring.  I also found fun fabric from hobby lobby and recovered the two old chairs under the sconces.  I didn’t yet get to re-finishing one of them.  Let’s be honest, it probably won’t happen before summer.
Nesting means getting your stuff together.  Being prepared for disaster. Did you know that last Friday was national “back it up” day?  Yeah, that threw me into a panic, too.  I ditched my plans, pressed play on “24,” got to work organizing all my e-files and put them into dropbox.  Freedom!  I feel so much better.  And inspired. Saturday I spent the rainy day cleaning the actual piles of paper in my home office as well.
Nesting must involve getting rid of what you don’t need. Look at my ever-growing to-sell/give-away stash that lives in a corner of my dining room. I think this week I might actually start taking things to the mission and learn more about selling books on amazon. Any tips?
And nesting should always involve baking.  Even with my weird restrictions. This gluten free/sugar free/dairy free thing has been challenging.  And I miss my pancakes.  Enter my new favorite mix.  Superior pancakes, even if you don’t have to eat gluten free.

“I will prepare and some day my chance will come.”
-Abraham Lincoln

6 thoughts on “Sharpening The Axe

  1. >Love love love everything about this post – especially as I am "nesting" as well :o) That blue spraypaint is pretty much my favorite thing I've seen all day. I want you to tell me more about dropbox. I decided against selling my books on Amazon because it seems to daunting to sell them one by one… however, I haven't found a better solution so I'm looking for used book selling advice too. Also. I love you. Let's find a time to get together soon!

  2. >LOVE the new accents. The color is perfect. Also, if that's a Mickey movie in the giveaway pile, please send it my way. One can never have too much Mickey on hand. Love you and your flair for decorating!

  3. >april – your home is looking amazing! love the spring accents.i think my give away pile is getting to be as big as yours, yikes!where did you get that GF pancake mix at? it looks delicious!

  4. >April, I love the fresh color and new feeling to everything. You are amazing. You make it look so easy. I tried all the places for used books…once I sold to a used book store in Three Rivers, MI. Around here, I sell to "Half-Price Books." He gives me advice about what sells best and then on my second trip, I am better able to select. I either get cash or credit. (Every other way was too time consuming)

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