Yes, I Lied on the Mexico Surveys

This was not my first trip to Mexico.  Nor will it be my last.  I have family in Texas, so I’ve even driven over the boarder a few times.  During which, boarder patrol stopped us and asked many questions about ME.  Because when I go to Mexico, I don’t come back looking like the rest of my family.  I turn much, much darker.  Maybe I wasn’t meant to be a gringa.

Seriously.  Did you know that Grand Rapids, MI only gets 84 days of sunshine a year?  That’s worse than Seattle.  And FAR from Mexico. I love Mexico.

Mostly, I think I love Mexico for the people.  And because I sit around developing working theories about everything in life, here is my theory about why the people of Mexico are so nice (including many Mexican immigrants here in Grand Rapids that have become some of my favorite people):

1) The weather is awesome
Me encanta la playa
Day 5- Perfect Clouds. Perfect Sun. Perfect Beaches. Perfect Waves.

2) The food is amazing (I could eat Mexican of my gluten free life)
Dinner at Fred's Seafood.  Amazing!
Sunset dinner at La Destileria- Cancun's canal side

3) The music is exceptional
This picture completely captures my love for Mexico.
Meanwhile, Mariachi Man by Dara was loving his night.

We’ve been studying customer service and surveys at work.  So, I was thinking very profoundly when I was given a few surveys in Mexico.  But, let me admit here.  I crumbled.  And lied.  I couldn’t tell them that their Mexican food wasn’t as good as the last place.  Or their music.  You see, we became instant best friends with our wait staff..and sometimes bus drivers…and people on the street.  The people of Mexico inspired something in me–an inability to say anything negative.

It got me thinking.  How did this culture of smiling, hard-working, family oriented people arrive at something so different from American culture?  Did the beautiful environment breathe art that breathed life? Or something different?

This is why I travel.  To meet people.  To observe how to become more un-American.  Oh, right, and for more days of sun.  One more, then (the view from our $67 a night Westin room- thanks to…
The view from our $67 a night room.  I wish I were lying.  It would be easier to come home.

3 thoughts on “Yes, I Lied on the Mexico Surveys

  1. >Great post!! Next time…take me with you 🙂 I love your perspective on living life with balance, joy, adventure and simplicity.

  2. >Well you know I love Mexico. First year in I think the last eight that I haven't gone. And that doesn't include the few times I went before I knew Nate. BIG SIGH. Love the people, love the weather, love the food. SO JEALOUS. But glad you had some R&R before the summer gears up! Love.

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