8 SpringHill Day Camp Directors Wimping Out on Camping…and an Orange Conference

What is orange?  Nothing to do with UT.  Sorry Katie and all my Texas friends.  Orange is a movement.  A strategy.  A conference.  And the SpringHill Day Camp team believes in the vision so much that we put our summer planning on hold, packed up in our busiest season, headed down to Atlanta, and joined 5,000 other people to discover how we can better serve churches and families.

So far, we’ve had golf cart races, ate at a KFC buffet, survived a flood, a tornado, and wimped out on camping in tents so we could have late night parties at the Comfort Inn.  We’ve already connected with old friends (best one so far- Mindy Coats Smith from California) and can’t wait to make new ones.

We added three Day Camp Directors to our team last week (Sara, Drew and Clay), so this is as much about team bonding as it is learning.  And now, for your viewing pleasure…our trip down to the Orange Conference…


We can’t wait for our first full day at the Orange Conference in Atlanta!  More adventures await, we’re sure…

3 thoughts on “8 SpringHill Day Camp Directors Wimping Out on Camping…and an Orange Conference

  1. Looks fun! Even if Orange 11 is a movement for 2011, and not Major Applewhite in his home orange jersey. 🙂 I have a PC and use blogger (don’t hate). How do I get your blog rss dealie to update on my sidebar?

  2. Looks like you crazy kids are having a blast. Can’t wait for the full recap! Quite glad you weren’t swept away by a tornado…

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