I must look super handy and other day off musings…

I took a day off today to recover from our conferencing last week.  Well, I guess it depends what you call a day off.  I got up early so that I could mow (still totally loving my reel mower– especially when gas is 4.18 a gallon), fertilize, clean the garage, return a bunch of stuff, go to Burton Elementary to mentor, and buy a dishwasher.  Yeah, I know.  All I really wanted to do was nap.

I’m currently using my dishwasher as a drying rack.  It’s very handy, actually.  But I’m about to enter the season of entertaining my 50 summer staff and I can’t even think about washing all those dishes…

When I walked into ABC Warehouse, I was immediately swarmed by 5 sales reps.  I really really hate that.  A nice one found me.  He had me at: “I have a daughter your age, and I’m sure you’re not made of money, so let me show you what I would recommend.”  It was a brand I didn’t know well, but he was convincing, it was a great deal ($100 off) and then he promised that I could carry it out and install it myself.  Saving me even more.  So much cheaper than I envisioned for this dishwasher fiasco.

But then I got home, googled the model he sold me (all VERY bad reviews) and called my dad who said that he wouldn’t even install his own dishwasher.  Oops.

What was it about me that looked like I could haul and install my own dishwasher?  Is it really that easy?  Or do I just really look like I’m that confident of an appliance buyer?  Order canceled.  This Maytag from Home Depot is on the way.  Oh, and they’ll deliver, install and haul-away for $99.  Because really, there are some things that I’ve found it’s just worth paying for…

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