Living the Cinco De Mayo Dream with Some of My Favorites

Some of my greatest friends in life have been my co-workers.

I thought about this a lot on Cinco De Mayo as the SpringHill Summer Day Camp Directors took an afternoon off for baseball.  We’ve been living the years of high growth, innovation and foundation setting.   And somewhere along the way, it got messy.  It’s become personal to us as a group.  We’re not just co-workers with shared vision.  We’re friends.  We’re the kind that are fiercely protective, love and laugh about our quirks differences, want to be together in a room when we’re cranky and tired, and challenge each other to live better stories.

The past few years have been intense.  It’s more than I imagined I was getting myself into.  These friends have seen me at my worst and at my best.  And they love me the same in both circumstances.  I’m thankful.

Six weeks ago, Max was born to Jen and Tony.  He’s the first baby in the group.  He makes me think about how much I want for my friends, for these families.


So now that you know how I feel about all of them, here is our Cinco De Mayo Re-Cap:

Babies and Baseball.  My heaven.

Can’t get enough of that little slugger…

Waiting for dinner at Slow’s Bar-BQ.  You should plan a trip to Detroit to eat here.  Seriously.

Jay and Liz stocking up on Mexican pastries in Mexican Village. Yeah Cinco De Mayo in the D!

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