My Secret Love For Finals Week

A few things have gotten in the way of blogging lately. Like all-nighters for work (okay, I only made it to 5am) and cleaning my garage so that I can gain extra square footage (I’m soon entering the season of parties for 50). We call it #springhillfinalsweek- the final days of prep before staff training begins. And yes, I think i coined the phrase a few years ago. Because I secretly have always LOVED finals week. Something about the flurry of activity, the group pressure, the late night conversations that occur while you work alongside each other.

Finals week is drawing to a close as our Summer 2011 Day Camp Management Staff arrive today (we call them Res Staff for all you playing along at home). It’s like getting all A’s even before we’ve presented the material. Their arrival alone means we’re here.

Oh, and of course we’re making them learn to be a team with blindfolds and rope…


P.S. I’m mobile blogging. Maybe for the rest of the summer if it works. Because who has time to sit down anymore?! Let the season begin!

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