Why SpringHill staff slept in the cold and spent the day hungry…and how 1,000 people can help

I’m still here at staff training.  And I’ve missed blogging.  I have SO much to tell.

Out of all that I do and experience here at SpringHill, my favorite is creating environments where something so much deeper, so much more important can take root.  I got to do that yesterday.

It started at midnight.  We went into the cabins of our 150 Day Camp staff and woke them up with this message:  “Tonight, we wake you up in honor of the millions of kids that are sleeping without peace.  And we ask you, if you are willing, to give up your bedding for the night, in remembrance of kids without a warm or safe bed.

They were cold. Some of them were even grumbly.  But many did it.  They spent a night experiencing the lives of so many of their campers.

As they walked into breakfast, they had slim pickings of Ding-Dongs, Cheetos and Hawaiian Punch- a breakfast common for many of their campers.  One staff member eloquently portrayed her own story of what it was like to be a child living in hunger.

After a whole day of experiential living, I now have a deep sense that my staff are ready to serve the kids in Grand Rapids.  The kids that have become “my kids.”  The kids that I stay up at night dreaming for and worrying about.

The reality of the future I know for my kids is wrought with challenges. But their week at camp will give them the visual and heart connection of facing fears and braving the hard road. They’ll know what it’s like to rely on a team of peers and on adults that care about them and never let them down. They’ll leave knowing that no matter what may come their way, they are loved.

We ended our day by talking about the fact that the neediest kids in Grand Rapids are not fully funded for camp.  And I can’t turn them away.  It’s becoming sort of a problem.  This is our plea to the world.  It only costs $139 for a life-changing week of Day Camp. Please help us.  And please help us spread this message.  We love social media, and we want you to re-post this for your friends.  If 1,000 people give only $20, it will cover the ENTIRE WEEK of an Urban Day Camp in Grand Rapids. All you need to do is go to this link: Kids Need Camp to donate. Please make sure to put “Grand Rapids Day Camp” in the comments so that the funds come directly to local Grand Rapids scholarships.

I wish you could be here to go hungry with us.  I wish you could meet our campers that will thrive with a week of love, attention, faith and fun.  I HOPE you feel what we feel as we sense God’s presence with this mission.  Thanks for joining in.

SpringHill Day Camp Staff

Some of our G-RAP Team- many are donating to Kids Need Camp themselves!

One thought on “Why SpringHill staff slept in the cold and spent the day hungry…and how 1,000 people can help

  1. SO proud of you and your team! Excited to see how Gos is going to bless the money that comes in. Grand Rapids will not be the same 🙂

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