Camper Quote of the Week

Still, always, my favorite moments of the day are with kids. I LOVE my partner churches. Like can’t wait to get there and sometimes cry at the end because I become so close with the church staff. I LOVE my SpringHill staff. Like DEEPLY, can’t explain it. We are family. And I can’t believe WE GET TO DO THIS TOGETHER. But let’s be honest, I got in this and stay in this FTK (that’s college kid slang for “for the kids”- I have to be cool & hip and use their language if I want to be their leader). Kids are SO amazing–if you haven’t spent time with an elementary student lately, you need to do that this week.

I went around asking kids what their high was (best part) and what their low was (worst part) for the day. One little girl said she definitely had a low:

“The only problem is that my cheeks are hurting worser and worser because I just can’t stop smiling and laughing.”

Today it poured. A full out ruin all your outdoor-camp-plans-type of storm. And we had more fun than ever. Did I mention I love my staff? And my photographer, Mark, who is capturing the beauty and wonder of it all so well…

One thought on “Camper Quote of the Week

  1. Um, feeling kind of bad about my lack of texts/calls on Monday – had I known what Monday was (the start of camp, I assume?) I would have said something, but the lack of communication since May 9 has left me a little confused about things like specific start dates. Regardless, love you, miss you, and proud of all your hard work. Look forward to talking again in September. 🙂

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