My summer addictions…and other thoughts for your Monday

I’m spending my creative energy on important things this summer. Like how to rock the SpringHill polo, phone, radio, and clipboard all at the same time. I’m collecting stories, too. So many leadership lessons, heart encounters, life-changes. But for right now, I can’t for the life of me get the stories into written format. It’s overwhelming to know where to start.

Instead, I’m going to catch you up on random things:

  1. If you were one of those who wrote and asked where my Rock What You Got Post went, I just re-posted it. I wanted to change a few words because I felt that message deeply. I’m so glad you connected with it/wanted to send it to a friend.
  2. I’m thinking of getting an “end of summer” tattoo (I would get it this week, but I think somewhere there is a SpringHill law against mid-summer tattooing which really makes me want to it even more–I am such a rebel)
  3. I just mowed down weeds taller than me so that I could hang this in my backyard. I think pulling weeds and my hammock are my summer 2011 addictions. Which sounds really lame. I really should get inked.
  4. I don’t know how I lived before my ipod touch. Specifically, air-playing music to my apple TV and listening to this, this and this on my app while I drive.
  5. My dad has hosted a lot of my staff (think 50 college students) on multiple weekends for multiple years now.  I love entertaining with him and learning from his generous, carefree, make-yourself-at-home-because-you’re-family-now spirit.  Lake House Dad and Daughter
  6. This morning, we’re setting a record for our team. 286 Day Campers in Rockford! Yes, I have a problem. I pretty much let all the kids in off of the wait list. It’s going to be a packed house at Blythefield Hills Baptist Church this week! Can’t wait!

One thought on “My summer addictions…and other thoughts for your Monday

  1. Way to go, skinnypants. I’m jealous! If only I were allergic to things I love. Or, you know, had an iota of self control. 🙂

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