Why Good Teams Are Always Well-Fed

It’s me. Mobile blogging until I can get to the genius bar at the apple store.

(sidebar: I was at a gathering last week where I had to explain to multiple people what the genius bar was. That made me stop and ponder how much my life has changed since I moved here from downtown Chicago)

Great Lakes Region Team

Anyway, back to the topic at hand: Teams. I got to be in on the building of two teams last week. First, I went to Harbor Springs (Northern MI) with SpringHill’s new “Great Lakes Region” Team. Then, on Sunday, I went down to Granger, IN for a first meeting with our India “Hopes and Dreams” Team.

Being a part of something new, the creating, the building of it, gets me geeked. I LOVE the beginning. When our hearts beat as one and our individual strengths are put into play, we are a great force.

Brad Lomenick posted a great blog on “The 10 Characteristics of Great Teams.” Read it here. The only thing I would add is this:

*Great teams are well-fed*

Danae Always Keeps the SpringHill Teams Well-Fed!

I think good food always brings people together and communicates care. I’m so thankful for the very special people that do this for my team of college students all summer. I’ve found it is such an important way to love them. It rings true for adults, too. They served us homemade desert (and I got a special gluten free/dairy free version!!!) on the finest China at our India meeting to communicate how much we are loved. It worked.

Being well-fed also means that no one enters the team on empty. Teammates pursue life, love, growth and vision outside the team so that when they come together, each member knows who he or she is, can fight well, can dream well and can create beautifully with others.

And for those moments when we get a little under-nourished, a well-fed team can encourage you to the core of your soul. I had the privilege of being a part of an affirmation circle with my staff this summer and with the Great Lakes team last week. It’s amazing how much more you want to rise up and be the person others see in you.

So, bake something special, serve take-out on fine china or affirm your teammates to the core of who they are. Just promise to keep those around you well-fed this week, my friends!

Update: Not mobile blogging anymore, so I inserted pics!

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