My Indian-Nun-Mom and Lessons on Indian Spirituality

Has God ever put people in your life that later made you stop and say, “Oh, right, God, you ARE weaving such a bigger plot than I ever imagined.”

That’s how I feel about my Indian-Nun-Mom.  Philo has been living in the house I grew up in (my old bedroom, actually) for a year.  When I venture home to Chicago, I now enter a land of wondrous Indian spices, the Malayalam language and stories of a faraway land that is somehow becoming familiar.

Philo is a woman led by the Spirit and gifted with care.  She committed to a religious life at a young age in India and has just completed schooling in pastoral care at a local Chicago hospital (the reason she came to live with my mom). When she speaks, people listen.

Over chicken curry, I asked her all about spirituality in India.

When Philo was a little girl, all the Indian-Christians thought they had to sit on uncomfortable pews.  Follow the ways of the missionaries, you know?  Many Christian practices seemed to go against Indian culture, but the people so desperately wanted to know Jesus.

Slowly, over her lifetime, Philo has seen her people become Indian-Christians. They found that they can worship God better when sitting on the floor, closer to creation.  And yoga and meditation are not to be avoided, but can be an incredible venue for prayer and listening to God’s voice.  This Jesus they follow is for INDIA.

What an important message.  What if I asked God how He wants Christianity to look for ME?  Would I find that I’ve been living another man’s script all along?

On the flip side, are there places where projecting my spiritual “rules” onto others causes more harm than good?  I desperately want to learn more about all of this before I step into India.

P.S. Thanks for those of you that helped with my funding!  I was able to raise $1,000 with the first blog post, but I still have $2,000 to go.  Please follow the instructions on this post so that I can buy my plane ticket soon!

2 thoughts on “My Indian-Nun-Mom and Lessons on Indian Spirituality

  1. April, your blog is so inspiring! 🙂 I was blessed to have you as a spiritual leader for a summer (although, it seems so long ago!)! Thanks for sharing your heart. 🙂

  2. I LOVE this picture. She’s so cute and I can just see her flitting around your mom’s house. Love that she has a live-in friend and you have a nun-mom. 🙂

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