There may be ArtPrize controversy, but I’ve seen one of its purest gifts

Having traveled enough to see some world-famous art, but myself not a critic, I’ll stay out of the ArtPrize debate.

I do think I have some authority to speak to one of it’s finest gifts–making art and artists accessible to children. Come with me.  See ArtPrize from the eyes of a child.

Two different weekends, two different groups of kids.  First, you’ll see Kate and Andy’s two darling daughters. Keep in mind that they’ve already been exposed to art and adventure (their mom is an artist and their family experiences a full life).  Next, you’ll see the kids I mentor from Burton Elementary (a Grand Rapids Public School).  Although they live 10 minutes away, they’re seldom outside a two block radius (they asked me if there were sharks when they saw the Grand River…).

Reflect with me for a moment.  Did you also see a difference in the way the kids absorbed ArtPrize?  Maybe it came out briefly in the pictures, or maybe you had to experience it.  But those that have known art were able to walk around feeling freedom, joy and life.  Those that have not, while so full of joy, also had times of confusion, awe and hunger to understand a complex world.
It is important that art comes here, to Grand Rapids.  And that we expose ALL kids to the wonders.

3 thoughts on “There may be ArtPrize controversy, but I’ve seen one of its purest gifts

  1. Very Observant! Beautiful photos by the way! I have seen the same confusion on 18-21 year olds in my college classes, especially with instructors who give “think outside the box assignments.” I’m going into Elementary Education, and I hope to be a good teacher, I collect art and movement ideas every chance I get! Wish I could go to Art Prize this year…

  2. April,
    just seeing this -thanks so much for sharing the day with my girls and giving them a new perspective! You should see my living room right now – its full of long sheets of paper, glue, scissors and endless magazine clippings. Those creative spirits leave their mama in awe and confusion too…
    So glad you are taking kids out of their neighborhood and teaching them about the full life in Jn 10:10.

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