Untie the Bow Monday

I spent a lovely Saturday night with Amber Cox.   In between the laughter, she always gets me thinking deeply.  We talked blogs for a minute (I’m a big fan of hers) and she mentioned that she likes how my writing always ties things up in a neat bow.

Which is funny, because in real life, I spend a lot of time untying bows and letting them dangle.

My dangling bow today happens to be a spoken word from Harvey Carey at the 2009 Leadership Summit. He speaks of doing ministry with fewer resources, less huddling.  Just get in the game and get to action.

I’m walking into 3 days of all-day meetings.  And all I can hear is this:

And there’s no nice lesson at the end about how important our planning is or how the meetings and huddling will be worth it.  I’m not always sure.  Neighbors around us are in crisis today and we sit and put together “ministry binders.”

Discuss, please.

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