What’s the best age you’ve turned…and why?

I was playing one of those question games the other day.

The question was, “What’s the best age you’ve turned and why?”

I answered 30 in a room filled with mostly 20-somethings.  And they looked SHOCKED.

Really, truly.  My 20s WERE splendidly adventurous and perfectly studious (living overseas, college, grad school, the Day Camp start-up–so many once is a lifetimes got to live in that decade).

But, oh, how I love my 30’s.

My life is getting turned upside down.  I’m encountering things I never anticipated, I’m in relationships with people I never realized I would love,  I’m moving forward on a path I never thought would be mine.

So as not to remain in the abstract, let me give you one specific (there are many more).  Being involved with poverty is messing with me.  Both with the kids in my neighborhood, and as I prepare to befriend the untouchables in India.  Sometimes, as hard as I try, I can’t help but cry.  And my tears are not filled with pity for others or for the hardship or work demanded of me, but rather, they are a solemn, sacred vow of unification between my God and me.

“When I get on the mission…then suddenly there’s a whole new hunger and I begin to listen…I’m coachable because I want to do better, I want to live out this mission.  And when I do, I begin to experience God in a deeper way, a richer, more profound fashion in my life….I begin to experience this satisfaction…The Bible would talk about it like Shalom, like a peace that surpasses understanding.”                 Mark Beeson

I’d love for you to hear more of Mark’s teaching on this topic at Granger Community Church [watch here and click “The Blessed Test”]. He’s an amazing leader and is pointing me and thousands of others to live life on mission.  I cannot tell you how much I love and respect Mark and his wife, Sheila.  Their personal encouragement has meant the world to me.  May his words bless you too, my friends.

3 thoughts on “What’s the best age you’ve turned…and why?

  1. Sheila and I love you April. We’re so proud of you! Great days are ahead…and God has placed HiS hand on you, blessed you, called you and equipped you for great ministry. What a remarkable woman you are!
    Enjoy your 30’s. They’re fantastic and so are you.

  2. I could not agree with you more. I have LOVED my 30’s. I LOVE that you and I get to experience our 30’s together. I also LOVE the link from Mark Beeson. It truly spoke to the core of me. It came at just the right time!!

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