The World Spins Madly On

This fall, I guest lectured in a Human Development class at Cornerstone University.  I always try to be the cool college prof that is totally relevant, but I received dead stares when I referenced the Weepies song, The World Spins Madly On.

Please tell me you know it.

Sometimes, I feel like the world is spinning madly onward, and I’m doing all I can to get my work done, my dishwasher unloaded, and my kids fed (and yes, this is still true even though I don’t have kids living in my house–kids all around us are hungry–for affection, educational help and food- it’s YOUR move).

But, then, my pictures from the week caused me pause.  Because there is nothing about this that is spinning madly.  And so much about this that is love, beauty, connected, called.

Here’s to keeping your camera close, and allowing the lens to help you reflect.

Friday, Nov 4:

A gorgeous fall day was spent with my dad, brother, and dog Casey who ventured from Chicago to help me with fall clean up.  LOVED spending a day with them.  

Saturday, Nov 5:

Yes, that large thing (climbing wall/spidermountain/euro-bungee) behind my SpringHill Staff is what I was towing on Saturday!  I could not love hanging out with these guys more.  Or their heart for service. We spent Saturday helping at Kentwood Community Church’s Youth Conference.  

Sunday, Nov. 6-

I take 5 kids to church every Sunday and I feel like it might be the most important work I’m doing for God. Don’t these boys’ faces melt your heart? You should hear them thank me.  You would die of love.

Wednesday, Nov. 9-

Half-way through the work-week, a celebratory fiesta seemed in order.  It was complete with a mini-pinata, and of course, ended with a Christmas Pinterest project.  

Thursday, Nov. 10-

After an all-day meeting, I’ve got my backpack out and am packing for my India Simulation.  I think about and pray about India so much every day.  I love this step closer!  Tomorrow, we’re headed to Little India in Chicago for a weekend of preparation…

It is not the years in your life but the life in your years that counts. 

Adlai Stevenson


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