Preparing for India, Part 1

The year after college, I moved to Taiwan to teach English and help a mission’s organization.  I had zero training (and no plan- I literally just showed up in the country, bought a scooter and found a job).  Looking back, I think I would have had a better view of world missions had the organization done training and de-briefing (I wrote a letter to the mission’s organization upon my return to the states and never heard anything back).

To be honest, because of prior experience, I’ve been hesitant to jump back into an overseas trip in the name of Jesus.  But, the vision that Granger Community Church has for India is so compelling–my heart couldn’t let it go.  The teams they send to India are well-trained (we’ve meet bi-weekly since September) to appreciate the rich culture, encourage local pastors and translators, build relationships with villagers and understand When Helping Hurts.

This past weekend, our GCC India team smooshed 15 adults in a 15 passenger van and headed to Chicago for “India Simulation Weekend.”  In the van, we got to hear the story of each team member.  I loved my team before, but now I see God living in them even more.  I am privileged to be a part of this family. Here are our adventures from the past weekend:

Step 1: Sleep on the floor

(we’ll sleep on the ground in tents in India)


Step 2: Authentic Indian Breakfast

made by Philo- the best part of the simulation for me was listening to her communicate God’s truth through metaphors/parables

…Super thankful for my mom, Philo (been living there for 1+ years) and my brother’s generous hospitality.

Step 3: Training in Little India, Chicago

Step 4: Making Connections in Little India

I’ll be posting Part 2 soon.  In the meantime, have you considered helping me raise the last $500 needed for this India trip?  Click here to join in the adventure!

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