Fall Tour: SpringHill Camps in Evart, MI

This city-is-life girl has been missing the wilderness lately.  Maybe it’s because I spent so much time living on (3 summers) or within a 2 mile commute to (3 years) the gorgeous Michigan property of SpringHill.

I spent a cloudy Saturday at SpringHill this fall and would love to take you on a tour.  Let’s start with Huron Village (or the wigwams)-the very first place I counseled in 1999!

Next to the Wigwams is Western Town.  This area recently replaced the Covered Wagons that had been housing campers (and mice!) since our first year in 1969. I love the creative people I work with- SpringHill staff that can dream big and build it, too!

Here are the tepees- the dearest to my heart because it was the home of 1st-3rd grade campers when I was on summer staff.  I was pretty much the permanent Area Director there for 2 summers.  I must have talked about the tepees a lot, because when I came on full-time staff,  it took years to explain to people that I didn’t actually live in a tepee.  In retrospect, tepee living sounds like an awesome life!

SpringHill has been blessed with some of the coolest activities of any camp.   However, in this fall tour, I focused on the classics.  We’ve got all the cutting-edge extreme parks, water-slides and paintball courses, but some things just ARE camp. If you haven’t been up there lately, I’d love to take you for a tour of all that’s changed.  And all that hasn’t. 


And now, a few more glimpses of fall.  Can you see the leaves falling over my favorite spot on camp?  I’ve spent hours of my life talking to God on that bench.

I LOVE that I now get to work for SpringHill in a large community.  And while I don’t think I’ll ever move back to Evart, I absolutely treasure the moments I get to spend on the property.  What part/season of camp do you miss the most?

3 thoughts on “Fall Tour: SpringHill Camps in Evart, MI

  1. What is there not to miss about SpringHill?! This reminds me of my counselor who led me to Christ at SpringHill – Missy! I would have to say, even though the trees and lakes are beautiful there, the best part of SpringHill and God’s creation is all the amazing people like you that serve there!

  2. I too love SpringHill in the Fall. Your photo’s capture it so well. Only thing missing in the Fall is summer campers.

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