My Pinterest Christmas

Last night, while staring at my Christmas tree and watching “Holiday Inn” with a friend, I might have mumbled something like, “I wish it was acceptable to leave your Christmas tree up all year round.”   That wasn’t a joke.  I’m considering it.

I definitely march to the Christmas drum, and there’s been lots of creating around here.  First, if you’re on Pinterest, you’ll notice lots of wreaths like this one:

I love that wreath.  I was planning on making something similar (and part of me still wishes I had).  But, I got lost in creating and my wreath kept evolving.  The final product looks more like me- and I like having something that’s one-of-a-kind.

Next, I moved over to the table.  Yesterday, I thought it was complete.  Today, it assumed a different identity.  Next week, it will unfold into something else.  It definitely has to accommodate some of my prized dinnerware- the china dishes from one grandma and the silver from the other.  My grandmas were always throwing fancy parties.  Me?  I’m always bringing Chipotle home.  I think I’ll start eating that on the china.  That fits me.  It’s like the time I went camping and packed all my Mac make-up but went minimalist on the clothes. Fancy Sometimes.
Oh, you like my napkin fold?  Why yes, I did google “how to fold a napkin like a Christmas tree.”   It turns out people are crazy like that and there are many tutorials, with multiple ways to make a tree out of a napkin.  Who knew?  I chose this tutorial over on the blog, Eye-Dyllic.

Remember when I spray-painted a bunch of stuff and added “satin lagoon” as my accent color in the living room?  Well, of course, the room looks different from this post in the spring, but one of my favorite things remains these Flea Market candle holders that I got for $1. Sometimes, it’s the small Christmas touches that make the difference.  Thanks for the snowflake ornaments, Target!

And, though my tree is up and half-way decorated, I still have dreams of making my own garland before I post it.  In fact, I googled that as well and pinned it to my Christmas Pinterest Board for safe keeping.

Source: via April on Pinterest

Do you think we’ll have Pinterest for the rest of our lives?  I hope so.  I still have a lot to create. 

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